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Download Camtasia Studio 8 full with Serial keyfree

This software have hudge feathers  for editing any video. We can use easily in the process of the the editing.There are many feathers in this software. But I well tell you Famous feathers in which can you use.
1.      We can easily import your  video
2.      We can screen/ Desktop record in this software
3.      We can easily cropping your video shortly which you like.
4.      We can easily set the format when you produce the video
5.      We also record your video camera in any video which you edit.
6.      We can Pitch your voice in the video.
7.      Camtasia provide us a number of theme and music which can you use in video editing without copy right.
8.      Camtasia have a transaction feather which we can use it simply apply on the picture and video clip.
9.      This software have a callouts we can apply on the video during the editing.
10.  We can zooming their video in this software.
11.   This software provide us a facility we up and down the audio voice .
12.  We can apply the Cursor Effects which we record desktop/ screen.
13.  This software have a vidual properties feather.
14.  This software have a captions which can you apply on the video.
15.  In which Camtasia  we change the direction of the video or picture.
16.  We can cutting and separate the video in parts
17.  We can separate the video or audio in this software.
There are more feature in  camtasia we can use in the editing and mixing your video time.
System Requirements
May people don’t now the system requirements when the install the camtasia . They fail  in the installing the software. This is the main and important  which you know what,s system requirements .
This software require the Window 7 or above version.
Processor: Camtasia Require the Dual Core processor minimum
RAM: This software require 2GB ram
Hard: We require the minimum 2 GB space in the disk when we install this software.
Optional : USB Web Camera , Microsoft DirectX9 or later version , Dedicated windows compatible sound card.
Camtasia  Studio require in MAC OSX or later version 2GB of Ram and Quick time X 4GB of available disk space.
Instructions of Install Camtasia
We know about the instruction before the installing camtasia:
1.      Disconnect the internet and block the firewall or host.
2.      1st you install the latest version of trail Camtasia studio with free trail key
3.      Block the this Url* In the Host file by entering the following below:
C:\windows\System\32\driver\etc – file ‘hosts’ add this url activation. Cloud.
4. Open the “serial keys.txt” using notepad and copy your serial key to activate the camtasia studio .
Download the Camtasia 8 Crack version  link given below:

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